my blog will never...

is it bad I'm not a fan of DIY, Pinterest creations or crafts in general?
is it bad I don't own a $53457 camera and pretend I'm a professional because I can take photos with said camera?

I look at these other blogs and some things (among the ones I have already mentioned have come to my attention)

my blog will never be the crafty cutesy creative place where you come and are inspired and say "wow, I wish I could do that" (unless you are referring to my writing...which may or may not be a thing).

my blog will never be full of 23408 photos per post. I love my camera. It is always in my purse. That being said, I don't document every move I make or every place I visit. I don't feel the need to have close ups of Bart's face for a greater effect.

my blog will never, and I repeat NEVER, have pictures of all the great foods I have made this week. Lets be honest, when and if I cook anything new it's not a pretty sight and it's definitely not blog worthy. I make messes and burn things and my water ALWAYS boils over the pot.

my blog will never make money. thank goodness for that. These blogs that make money are full of crap all over the page and there are so many places you could click for an outside link it takes away the focus of the blog. the side bars should never be bigger than your center column. just sayin.

i'm not even sure my blog gets read by real people. the traffic sources on my stats page are mostly random www dot pages that don't really lead anywhere. so hello cyber world. i'm glad we can be friends. 

well, i'm glad i could clear that up for anyone in case any of you were confused :)

also, i need a new wardrobe. i'm pretty sure i was wearing these things in high school. actually, my wardrobe was better when i was in high school. can someone please dress me?

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