I have worked 6 hours the past 4 days and may or may not be going a little crazy.

I even googled "cheap hobbies" this morning trying to figure out what I was going to do today. The lists were stupid. Luckily my dad called me and sensed the boredom in my voice. He invited me down to help him fix the car and he needed a hair cut. YAY something to do! I headed down and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I didn't really touch the car, just leaned on it enough to make my pants dirty so it LOOKED like I had helped. It was fun to just hang out and talk plus it killed time so this was a win-win for me.

Then I came home and cleaned my house to the tunes of SHeDAISY

I don't think this place has ever looked so good. The past few days I have organized every inch of the house -getting rid of plenty. Today I busted out the broom and cleaning supplies and scrubbed my bathroom (even the floor). I then proceeded to vacuum. this was no ordinary vacuum day either. I pulled out all the furniture in our front room and dining area and vacuumed everything. i may or may not have used the little hose thingy. I even attempted to make sure all my lines were straight in the carpet-because that's how much extra time i had today to vacuum. I did all the usual cleaning as well which usually consists of picking up shoes and folding the blankets and doing the dishes. I also do lots of laundry. Not really because it HAS to be done, but because it takes a few hours which is always promising.

I even re-potted my plant yesterday. It's getting so big it can now go on the floor! I have had this thing since I moved out and it was such a little guy back then. Bart hates my plants (because he has no soul) but I'm afraid this one isn't going anywhere. Anyway, now here I am with still an hour before Bart gets home (and then a few more hours while he takes his daily old-man nap). I even made myself a smoothie people. I mean, what's next? Cooking Dinner?? Let's not get too crazy.

I now have a new respect for those crazy rich housewives who are always killing people or sleeping with them (or both) I mean there's just nothing else to do after a while! I'm sure my next post is going to be about how crazy life is and how i wish I had a day off but as of now I'm actually looking forward to working the next 4 days (sorta)

Also, new people moved upstairs so I will let you know how that goes. Bart and I decided we were going to be nice this time around and go up and introduce ourselves. I mostly want to go up so I can be a creeper and make sure they don't have anything annoying like a dog...or a child.

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