One Year Later

May 14, 2011

That morning last year I was good to go. My jitters and nerves were gone (thanks to a mini break down 3 days prior) and I was ready to be married. I was running late (of course) because I did a few hair cuts that morning and made sure my mom and sister had their hair done too. Bart thought I was going to leave him stranded since I was late but luckily for both of us I eventually got there. It was a stormy morning but still beautiful. The ceremony is something that can't be put into words, but it was such a special moment. I was laughing and crying pretty much through the whole thing because I was so happy. My dress was perfect and so was my groom. After pictures were all finished everyone left and I realized I left the keys in my mom's purse. Bart and I were stranded at the temple for about half an hour before someone answered their phones and brought us a spare. We didn't have any time for lunch because of that, so we went through the Taco Time drive thru for some crispy tacos. Yes, we went through the drive thru decked out in our fancy outfits. I had about 2835 napkins spread across my dress (because I spill) and luckily no taco juice got on my pretty dress. Our reception was perfect and the sunshine held out until the end. We were now Mr. and Mrs Bart Bowen.

One Year Later

May 14, 2012

I can't believe it has already been a year. I remember that day perfectly and I have only gotten happier since. Bart and I are perfect for each other. We laugh more than we fight. I know that I need to call Bart twice if it's something he needs to wake up from his nap for and Bart has realized he needs a fan on his side of the bed since I'm so toasty at night. The texture of his socks matters and no, you can't mismatch them. I get cranky when I'm tired, hot or hungry and Bart hates crowds, shopping and most people. He understands we need to take potty breaks every 2 hours on road trips and I am a bad wife if I don't pick up Pepsi when I'm grocery shopping. TV is his relaxing time and reading is mine. It's an unspoken agreement that I help him dress since he's color blind and somehow we still end up matching in the morning. Bart has gone from sitting on the couch to running 10K and I will eventually be a college grad....We finish each others sentences and I know what his every facial expression and laugh means.

I love Bart more every day. We're best friends that tease and laugh and fight and quickly forgive. If this year is any indication of what our future holds I am more than ready for what's to come.


  1. I hope you write a book someday. I love reading everything u write. AND I can't wait til you guys come visit me!

  2. Sarah you are so sweet! It makes me happy to hear that. I can't wait to see you either it's going to be so much fun!



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