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Day 9, : A moment in your day (this can be just a photo or both a photo and words)

I started running 15 months ago. It was hard, my body seemed to hate it, but I figured I would just get stronger and better and eventually my body would catch up. 

I ran races every month with Bart and went running multiple times a week. Last July I ran my first 10K and it kind of scarred me. It was miserable and I clearly wasn't ready to run that distance. I was frustrated because I had trained just as hard, if not harder than Bart was, and he was dominating every race we went to. He was excelling while I stayed the same. It was discouraging but I didn't give up. 

In January I committed to the goal of being able to run a 10K without crying, and running a half marathon. I met a few great friends who were willing to help me get there. I was fired up and ready to go. Despite the fact that running 3 miles was STILL hard I figured I just needed to work harder and train more. 

Then 2 months ago my life changed. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and was told that because my adrenal glands weren't functioning properly I couldn't exercise.  I was so disappointed. I thought all of my hard work was going to go down the drain because I had to stop running completely. Little did I know that the changes I have been making the past 2 months would make it so I could run better than I ever had before. 

I got the green light last week to start exercising a few times a week and on Tuesday I went running for the first time in 8 weeks. I figured it would be worse than when I started running a year ago since I had been completely dormant and losing my hard earned muscle. I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to run a mile on the treadmill with no problems. I stopped at a mile since my Dr told me not to push myself....but that mile was enough, I wanted to start running again.

This morning I woke up alone since Bart is gone coaching and decided to go for a run. I knew a 3ish mile route I could try and went for it. The first mile was straight up a hill but I was feeling good! In the past when I run my legs are tired and in pain, my ankles are sore and my feet hurt. I felt none of that today. I was elated! At 1.5 miles it turned into a downhill and around 2 miles it tapered off onto a flat surface. I had to pause a few times to get rid of the stitch in my side but other than that I felt great. For the first time in my short running life it was my CARDIO that kept me from going further, not the aches and pains of my body and muscles! I wanted to cry I was so happy. I was finally experiencing my body in the way it was meant to function. I realize now that all those months spent running in pain wasn't because I wasn't working hard enough, it was because there was something else going on inside my body that was out of my control. I can honestly say I enjoyed my run today. I've only been able to say that maybe  a handful of times the past 15 months, but I have a feeling it won't be the last time I get to say it.

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