Writing for New Media Mid-Term

I am currently in a Writing for New Media class and for my mid-term I was asked to answer this question in any "new media" format I choose. I chose my blog so I have PLENTY of space to talk.

1.     How does new media affect your work? How does your work influence your approach to new media?

New media is a HUGE part of my job! I am a morning producer for a lifestyle show and having an online presence is a priority. We have a pinterest page, a twitter account, facebook page and Instagram. My work influences my approach to new media because I have to be constantly thinking of ways to keep things fresh and interesting for our viewers. My approach has changed since taking this job because now it's a large part of my life. Before I was a producer, I didn't really care about how many likes I got or what was going on with my personal page. Now numbers matter! We recently passed the 10,000 likes goal and I couldn't help but feel proud. I love reading the comments and seeing what excites our viewers. New media is constantly on my mind. Deciding which topics to post where, and when to post certain photos can be overwhelming! I'm not an expert but I am applying the mantra of "fake it till you make it."

Not only does new media influence my approach, it also affects my work. As a news station we are always getting emails with links to stories around the internet, and figuring out the best way to maximize our online presence. We get a lot of our segment ideas through new media. Every morning we spend the first ten minutes of the show talking about the hottest new stories and topics on the internet. Thanks to social media sites, online magazines and other websites we are able to compile the most interesting topics from around the world. When it comes to revenue for the station new media is a huge part of the plan. Creating contests and giveaways for our online audience is essential if we want to get ahead of our competitors. 

Understanding the way new media works is an essential part of my career. Throughout the whole broadcasting spectrum, from TV to radio, new media has become our whole life. Without new media Newspapers, Radio stations and TV networks wouldn't be able to get their messages across to huge audiences and stay current with their content. Like it or not, new media is here to stay!

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