Overfed & Starving

Hi my name is Megan Bowen and I LOVE a good documentary! Netflix comes in so handy when it comes to this little hobby of mine, and this weekend it delivered once again. On a night where sleep didn't seem to be an option I watched "Hungry for Change". O.M.G. This film will open your eyes to a whole new world when it comes to what you are eating. It's funny because the diet they talk about is actually the diet I've been living the past two months. Realizing the good I've been doing to my body gives me the motivation I need to keep going.

 Here is a quick preview. It's the only thing I could find on YouTube and it doesn't even crack the surface. If you have Netflix go watch the whole thing it's worth it, I promise!

"People are overfed but they are also starving to death."

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