Hey baby girl

Hi Baby
or should I say baby girl?

Daddy and I found out you were a girl yesterday! You should have seen the look on his face....he just put his head down and started laughing. Don't misunderstand. It's not that he wasn't happy, it's just that there are no other Bowen girls on his family tree and he was just as surprised as I was that we made the first one!

Since your daddy and I dated and got married he talked about his kids like they were sons. He would talk of all the cool things he would teach his boys and the games they would play. He said sons and boys because he has never been exposed to a baby girl. No sisters, no nieces. nada. Here is the wise wisdom your mama gave: Girls can do anything boys can...they just look prettier doing it.

I got a little teary eyed during the ultrasound as the tech showed us your little body as you covered your ears like we were bothering you and finally moving around so we could see your face. It once again reminded me that yes. there is something in there. someone. my daughter.

We baked pink cupcakes in your honor and it still feels crazy saying I'm having a girl! I am so excited. We can't agree on any names and daddy is still a little concerend about what he is going to do with you...but he will catch on quickly.

Love you little one. 

Stay strong and keep growing


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