The boys you will meet along the way

Hi Baby,

Since finding out you are a girl I have been thinking a lot of my own life growing up and how yours will be different and similar

Your life will differ from mine in so many ways. And there will be days when you will think I just don't get it at all. You might be right...but there is something I know a little bit about and I want to fill you in. What am I talking about? Boys

Oh yes, the boys you will meet in your life! You might be like me who was very comfortable around boys and enjoyed having them around. I had lots of crushes and a few heartbreaks and then of course my boy journey ended with the love of my life. 

So what boys will you encounter along the way? Here are just a few: 
*these were some of the boys I had in my life. From Elementary to College...see, mom was there once too!*

The Neighbor Boy
You grow up with him and see him pretty often. He may or may not be cute but he sure does like you!! Be nice to him. He might have a crush on you for years but it's okay if you don't like him back. Just be nice, be his friend and hey, if you need help with something he's probably your guy to call...

The Boy That Will Never Talk to You 
You will have a crush on him for years and for some reason you will never talk. Just admire from a far, write in your journal and imagine running away together...

Your Dream Boy who FINALLY Asks You Out
You may or may not have 'loved' him for years...chatted in class throughout jr high and high school...stalked his locker...(you get the point) but never really hang out. Then you move away to college and he asks you out. The date will NOT be as great as you wished and he probably sucks at kissing...but at least it happened once right?

The Mean Boy in Class
He will fart, burp and laugh in your face. It's embarrassing and he finds it hilarious to tease you. If he's just annoying you can ignore him. If he's hurting your feelings or harassing you then talk to a teacher.

The Boy You Have Fun With
Chances are one or both of you have crushes on each other but it never goes anywhere. That's okay! Not all of your friendships with boys have to have a kiss down the road. You won't be friends with him forever, so just enjoy his company and don't take advantage of his friendship. He probably treasures you more than you know.

The Nice Boy vs The Bad Boy
Let's be honest. There is something about a bad boy you just can't ignore. He probably smells really good and has hair not like the others and drives a nice car. He is also probably a total douche. As long as he keeps his hands off you, you can ride in his nice car.
Then you should call the nice boy. Not as interesting and sometimes seems to be a little desperate. This nice boy doesn't totally understand that stating his love/respect/interest for you within days of meeting isn't usually the way to go. He wears his heart on his sleeve and I promise one day that sensitive type is the thing you will be looking for. When you're a teen/young adult, don't completely write him off. Give him a chance. He will either grow up super hot with a great job or will just always be kind of weird...either way he deserves at least a second date.

The First Boy You Call Your Boyfriend
I don't know when this will happen for you, but when it does, enjoy it! It won't last forever. Sorry. Be nice, make sure he is nice to you, and don't break up with him through a note.

The First Boy You Love
This might be your first boyfriend, but maybe not. I want you to know that I believe teenagers can be in love. I loved a few boys before I was 18. Just because you're young doesn't mean love doesn't exist for you. It does. It's powerful and overwhelming and amazing all at once. It can also be unsteady and hard to deal with. I will never tell you to not be in love, but I might have some advice when you get there...

The Boy Who Breaks Your Heart
Love is real when you're a teenager. So is heartbreak. You will cry for days and delete his number and try to forget about him. Every sad song on the radio will remind you of him. You will be tempted to try to make things work again if he ever comes back. Don't. Be sad, cry, scream and eat ice cream. But don't go back. It will never be the same after that heart break and it won't be worth it.

The Boy Who Makes You Forget All Other Boys Forever
I don't know when you will meet this boy. This boy will be a man. and he will take your heart into his and make it his own. You two will fall in love. Maybe quickly, maybe over time. Become best friends with this boy. Get to know him and love him. He should never make you cry because he hurt your feelings. You will cry over fights and arguments (because every relationship has them) but he should NEVER make you cry on purpose. This boy shouldn't cause drama or make you stress. He will be the missing half in your life, and I can't wait to meet him one day.


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