More S%$@ Bart Says

Did I mention I am saying the opening prayer in sacrament tomorrow? Ya..take that women!

M- We are working out.
B- When? 
M- Soon. 
B- .....Tomorrow? 

These suspenders used to be a fashion accessory...now they are a necessity 

M- I just have no desire to work out
B- Well that's fine...just sit there and eat your potato chips 

Megan he is a single dad with two boys. You should be happy they aren't living in the forest somewhere eating their own shit 

Megan. I have vowed my life to proving you wrong 

B- My foot hurts so much!!
M- Why?
B- A fat kid stepped on me.

People are stupid. They think what they say is fact when in reality it's what I say that is fact. 

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