Stop Eating Taffy

What's happening lately:

Bart touches my belly everyday and says "you look extra prego today". Bye bye bloat...hello bump! Don't worry Bart...it's only going to get bigger!

...on that same note: he is already talking to her and cupping his hands into my belly to "whisper" to her so Mom can't hear...it melts my heart.

Yes we have picked a name, no it's not one from THIS list. (thanks dad)

I have had a headache for the past 5 days because I just can't stop eating Red Vines flavored taffy. It's a drug and my kid is going to come out addicted.

Most of my feedmerightnowori'lleatyourface tendencies have died down. I don't have to be snacking all the time and I'm trying to eat more balanced (carrot anyone?)

My favorite things right now are Strawberry fruit bars and GF toast with homemade raspberry jam. with butter. obviously.

I'm not exercising. Like...at all. I get an email pretty much daily from different websites saying how great it is to exercise while pregnant. I want to reply saying sitting on the couch is pretty great too. Jk...but seriously. I did however try prenatal yoga and only got stuck twice...

No I haven't bought anything. Nothing comes to mind and whenever I'm in a baby aisle my eyes glaze over...

Being 18 weeks pregnant is MUCH better than being 6-14 weeks pregnant. I am feeling so much better (minus the taffy induced headaches that I can't complain about or Bart just says "stop eating taffy" which..isn't happening)

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