2 Cents: Finishing last

I read this article on Facebook and couldn't resist! When I ran my first 10K two years ago I hoped I was ready. Little did I know that my body was sick and my addrenal glands were pretty much not functioning.

I had trained and ran and was nervous but ready! The idea of coming in last didn't even cross my mind...until 10 minutes into the run when I was in last place. Actually that's a lie, I was barely in front of 3 women who were walking. 

When the race first started it only took a few minutes for most people to get ahead of me. Whatever I thought, they are all going to burn out and I will just pass them later (it had happened in previous 5Ks I had ran). Well those peeps never burned out and I stayed in last place all the way to the finish line. 

I crossed that finish line, went straight over to my mom who was waiting for me and cried on her shoulder. It was the hardest thing I had ever done. Honestly looking back I would compare those 6 miles closely to the 13.1 I ran for my half. 

Before the race (happy and ready to go!)

After the race: I was NOT happy

I didn't know I was sick at the time, that that was the reason I had such a hard time. But even though I finished last, I finished. And I was pretty proud of myself. 

As the cheesy saying goes: it's not about finishing first or last, it's about finishing.

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