Just rub my damn feet

After a day at work my feet looked like this

Fridays are always the most painful day for my feet. After a week of working they need a break. Bart suggested I get a pedicure on my way home. So I did. And it made everything worse!

I walk in and say I want a pedicure but I mostly just want a foot massage. I show them my swollen feet and explain it's all I want. 

An hour later and I pretty much leave in tears. My toes are nicely painted and hey my calves feel great but my feet? They still hurt and they're still puffy. When does a request for a FOOT rub turn into a full leg massage? Even after pointing out exactly where I want it, she doesn't seem to understand and keeps going rubbing my calf. Plus her hands suck and are too weak to do a damn thing 

I sat in that massage chair angry. Legitimately mad at the whole situation and on the verge of tears. 

Rational? No. 
Crazy? Yes. 
Do I care? No.

 Do I plan on going straight home to ask Bart to rub my feet? Why yes, yes I do. 

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