Hi Baby: 37 Weeks

Hello my little breech baby,

Your head is smack dab in the top center of my belly. Literally the exact opposite of where it is supposed to be! You have been there for weeks and my doc says there's little to no chance you will be moving. Too much baby, not enough space. So we scheduled a C-section for August 8. So unless something drastic happens, that's your birthday!

I must admit the planner in me likes the idea of knowing exactly when you will be here. (15 days!!!!) but of course a c-section isn't what I was planning and preparing myself for. I have never been high strung with a specific birth plan, but I just assumed I would have you the good 'ol fashion way (plus drugs of course....LOTS of drugs). Instead we will have a c-section and that's OK too. I will still be the badass who had a baby and you will be the cutest little squish in a pink blanket. 

I am finally getting some lower back pain and SI joint pain. It hurts whenever I walk or stand, but I consider myself lucky that this didn't kick in until this week. Anyone can cope with pain for just a few weeks. I'm grateful it didn't show up any earlier! 

You still have a little dance party a few times a day and I love feeling you move! It's truly one of the best things about pregnancy. When daddy puts his head on your space you let him know it. It's not just daddy's head that you push away. If I ever put anything on my belly you shove it away. It's pretty funny and I like to tease you already.

Your nursery is pretty much done and your closet is full. All we need is a baby! I am so excited to meet you. People ask me if I'm getting scared. My answer? No! There is no negative feeling associated with you joining our family. Daddy and I talk about you every day and smile and talk about our new lives with you here.

Stay strong and keep growing baby girl,


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