Book Review: Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob - William Landay

I love me a good crime novel. I also love me a good crime TV show. What love came first? I don't really know...but I do know that I watch way more crime TV than I do read crime books. I don't know why! They are easy reads but totally entertaining. That's what I found with "Defending Jacob".

Written by the father of the accused (Jacob) this does a bit of a flash back and goes back and forth from past (Jacob being accused of murder) and present (Jacob's dad being questions by a DA for something readers don't know about yet).

At different parts of the book I thought I knew where it was going and what was going to happen...I was wrong. Is Jacob innocent or guilty? We may never know....

Like other books I have read lately [ ie Reconstructing Amelia] I was definitely reading this book from a parent's perspective. How can they really be unaware of their kids' activities online? or what is happening at school? Is that just reality? Murder accusations aside, it kind of made me think of the power/control/awareness I will have over my own children.

If you're looking for a compelling read and if you like courtroom, crime, drama books...check it out! I found this book for pennies on Amazon and now have a former NYC library book on my shelf. I'm not above a used book!

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