My Pregnancy Must-Haves

I wasn't super into Pinterest until I bought a house and then again when I got pregnant. I read every pregnancy post out there. 95% of the stuff didn't really apply to me, so I'm making my own "Pregnancy Must Haves"

Underbelly black slim fit leggings/pants from Motherhood Maternity

Aside from the fact that I hate this picture (4 inch heels? really?) I LOVE these pants. I wear them at least 5 days a week at this point. They are thick enough that I don't feel uncomfortable wearing a shorter shirt, but it's thin enough that I don't get really hot wearing them (and being 8-9 months prego in July..this is a MUST). My favorite thing is the fact that they are underbelly which means there is nothing tight squeezing my belly in. I didn't really mind those kind of pants when I was 5 months pregnant, but eventually I just wanted to let that bump be FREE. These pants are my #1 must have.

Compression Socks

I only started wearing these socks about 5 weeks ago when I started to get nice and puffy/swollen ankles and feet. I don't wear them every day, but after a really long day when my feet are huge I go to bed and that next morning I make sure to wear them. Two days without support is a bad combo. These socks help keep the swelling away and despite the swelling I haven't seen any varicose veins just yet (knock on wood). I don't know the swelling situation for women who aren't pregnant in the summer heat, but if you find yourself with sore legs and feet after a long day...these help.


Ok ok so you can't have my Bart, but having a sexy man with a great beard around is a MUST. He takes such good care of me and has never once commented on my excessive couch time. Having someone in your corner who loves you and doesn't judge you and is kinda scared to question your choices is always a good thing. He has made the hard days easier and the good days even better. 

(Or two or three or four...) 

Favorite snack

I haven't really had any weird cravings, but there have been foods I only want to eat and nothing else sounds good. Instead of rationing myself I have just embraced it. Only want toast all day? Make sure you buy extra bread your next trip. Baked potatoes...cheese sticks...just accept it girlfriend. 

A pregnancy pillow 

Some people swear by this pillow:

I, however, prefer this one: 

Find what helps you sleep better. Even if that thing is an old flat pillow, leaving your $75 body pillow to sit in the corner....

Lotion lotion lotion! 

I don't really think lotion prevents stretch marks, but if I did then this lotion would be the one to buy! I put it on morning and night and no stretch marks yet! I mostly like it because it's thick and smells good but absorbs well and isn't greasy. 

Bubble Bath

I have taken more baths being prego than ever before. Having fun bubble bath to make you feel fancy is the cherry on top. I grabbed a bottle of the cheap stuff and just used a ton, and then was gifted the nice stuff and was able to stretch it further. As long as there are bubbles it's a win win.

Shows to Binge Watch
Bart and I are currently binge watching "House" and I binge watch "Blue Bloods" when Bart is gone. Then you aren't getting angry when Summer TV SUCKS

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