A few things...

Will I ever fit into any of my shoes again? Because even my flip flops are feeling tight. Add my wedding ring to that list...and my 20 pairs of jeans that just sit in my closet looking pretty. I've been told everything will fit again. We shall see. 

I married a really great guy. should we talk about it? I went out to run errands yesterday and on my way to my car I tripped and fell on the stairs in the garage. I immediately got up and turned around, crying my way to the couch saying I fell and maybe it was my shoes and no, I didn't hit the belly. Bart ices my knee and makes sure I'm ok. He says I need to be more careful and try not to biff it. You got it babe. 30 minutes into my errands he calls me to see how I'm feeling. Just checking in on me to make sure Im OK. yes babe, I'm ok, even better now that you called. 

Baby girl is currently Breech and loving every minute of it. As she grows I'm pretty sure her little head has been up top and center the whole time. Doc says a C-section is going to have to be in the plan if she doesn't turn the next few weeks. I don't really care how my baby comes into this world, I'm just happy to have her here. If a C-section happens our daughter will be here in 3.5 weeks! What??? I can't imagine what it will be like to have her here, but I can't wait to find out! 

Cheese, chocolate chips, crushed ice, refried beans, water. 

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