Pregnancy Dreamland: Exercise or Die

When I first got pregnant I signed up for a few weekly emails. Yes I want to know what my baby is doing this week! She's the size of a what? Best sex position? These were all things I thought I would need to know. About 12 weeks in I stopped reading most of them. They usually just annoyed me. I look back and think those were written for women in Pregnancy Dreamland.
 I specifically remember when I got the "33 Reasons to Exercise Now". I'm sure I read it as I was sitting on the couch NOT exercising. 
Here's the thing. There is above mentioned pregnancy dreamland...and then there is reality. Reality is different for every pregnant woman. My reality was that I was too sick to exercise at first, then I was too busy, then it was too hot and I was too big. There was a 2.5 month period where I exercised 5 days a week around April and May...but other than that I haven't been as great as I should. I'm over it.
So here are 9 reasons from that article, followed by my 9 reasons of why their reasons are stupid. 
-(side note: I LOVE to exercise. I love to run and move my body and keep it strong. I know there are 934785 benefits to exercising regularly and I believe that. I just hate stupid articles that tell prego women everywhere to EXERCISE OR DIE.)
1. You’re likely to gain less weight. 
- obviously this makes sense. But I would argue that most women are going to gain the same amount of weight either way. I have had a lot of moms tell me they exercised a lot more for one of their kids, and they ended up gaining the same amount of weight. Why? Because the "weight" we are gaining isn't just fat (and most of the fat we do gain is because we're going to need it to breastfeed later). Exercise or not, you're still going to have double the blood volume and a huge uterus filled with a chubby baby.
2. Labor and delivery may be easier.
- the next line in this tip is "there's no guarantee of course". What does "easier" mean anyway? It takes less time? You don't get as sweaty? You're strong enough to damage your husband's hand as he holds it?
3. You lower your gestational diabetes risk 
- I was one point away from the edge of having gestational diabetes and I was told that even though diet is a way to treat it once you have it, it doesn't really cause it to begin with. Family genetics, weight before getting pregnant and how your baby affects your system are all bigger factors. 
4. You get that “prenatal-spin-class high.” 
- has anyone even gotten a "not pregnant spin class high"?? didn't think so.
5. You’re less likely to cry, “Oh, my aching back. 
- As much as I hate my couch, it hasn't given me any back pain either.
6. You’re less likely to get constipated.
- I have a pretty great digestive system thanks to my Hashimotos program....so my couch hasn't been a problem here either. p.s. you could also just drink lots of water and eat nutritious food? crazy I know.
7. You have more energy. 
- I will agree with this one...unless it's 98 degrees from 6am-10pm. Then that heat will suck all energy from your system
8. Odds are, you’ll deliver a svelter baby. Babies born with excess fat are significantly more likely to become overweight kindergarteners.
- bullshit. I don't believe chubby babies equal chubby children. I would take a happy chubby baby over a skinny sick one any day of the week.
9. You can enjoy the greatest flexibility of your life. 
- even when I was exercising 5 days a week with my baby bump I didn't really notice an increase in flexibility.....

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