Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi Baby,

I have been thinking about you a lot today. You are on my mind every day of course, but there is something about Sundays that allows me to focus more on the not-too-distant future with you in it!

There are a lot of things I hope to be able to pass down to you. I don't feel like I am an expert in anything enough to teach you, but I know you will learn from me either way. There is something I'm pretty dang good at, and I will do my best to pass along my skills.

Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Never underestimate a good cookie recipe. I have been making these cookies for 17 years. Your grandpa loves them, your daddy loves them, and I'm sure one day you will be fighting your daddy over who gets to lick the bowl and spoon. This was my first recipe I laid claim to and I still have the recipe card. I haven't had to look at it for over a decade, but it's still there.

I remember making them for my family, my neighbors and even the cute boys in the apartment across the hall. I would have to freeze a few after making them before my family ate them all in one day. I use to get upset and refuse to make them because what's the point in making cookies if you don't have any tomorrow? I eventually grew out of that selfish way of thinking and realized the entire point of making cookies is to give others something to enjoy.

It's the little things that stack up to a life full of happiness. I might not be able to teach you how to sew or play the piano, but I can teach you to read, write and make some delicious cookies.


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