36 things for 36 weeks

1. We have so much control over our health and bodies than most people realize. Except when you're prego, then shit just happens. 

2. I think my couch has my body impression permanently carved into it. 

3. I have never been more at peace with my life than I have felt being pregnant. 

4. When I was physically able to exercise any way I wanted I had no desire. Now that I can only waddle around I dream of running. Typical 

5. Having Bart rub and kiss my belly and talk to our baby is one of my favorite things. 

6. I never thought my ankles and toes could get so big. It's embarrassing and amusing all in one. 
I wore sandals to church and realized an hour in that it was a bad idea. Bart and I laughed the rest of the day

7. No, feeling my baby move/kick isn't "weird", "strange", "freaky" or "painful"

8. If I could sleep naked I would. In fact, if I could walk around my house naked I would to that too. All clothes are stupid when you're 9 months pregnant. 

9. Panda Express, Olive Garden, Noodles, have been the places where I thought constantly about their food for a few days until I finally caved and went there to eat. 

10. One of the things I'm most exited for is to see my daughter's face. I am dying to know what she looks like! 

11. It took Bart about 2-3 days to warm up to the idea that he was having a daughter. Now he can't wipe a grin off his face when he talks about having a baby girl.

12. I was standing in my kitchen making dinner the first time I sneezed and peed a little. Bart and I proceeded to laugh about it the rest of the night. 

13. I really really really hate it when men (other than family) comment on my body. I don't know why it bothers me so much. I guess it's because they would NEVER say a word if I wasn't pregnant. All of a sudden having a baby bump gives them a green light? No. 

14. Since finding out I was pregnant I haven't wanted to spend a dime. Which is weird. 

15. I don't like reading pregnancy books. I haven't started reading baby books yet, maybe I will like those better? 

16. I've gain "a lot" of weight according to the guidelines. I honestly don't know what I could have done differently and I honestly don't really care. Bart finds it funny I almost weigh as much as him. 

17. Looking forward to something 40 weeks away makes time squish together. It's already July? I have been waiting for August since December so 2014 has gone by very fast for me. 

18. Watching my husband nest is pretty adorable.    

19. I can't imagine having to raise a daughter without the guidance that comes from the gospel. I won't know most things about parenting, but at least I know where to look for the answers 

20. Eating patterns of a pregnant woman: 1) eat anything and everything all the time 2) only eat certain things multiple times a day 3) don't really want to eat anything 4) ice only please 

21. I dread the moment when my teenage daughter doesn't "like" me. I love her so much already, and she isn't even here yet. I think of how I acted toward my own mom and it makes me sad. 

22. Experienced my first Bracton Hicks this week. It hurt. And it got me SO EXCITED TO HAVE THIS BABY? Call me crazy, or just call me a mom. 

23. You can tell what men are fathers and who aren't. Fathers look at me 9 months pregnant with a smile and a "how are you feeling". Non fathers look at me up and down, pause at my belly with a scared look in their face and then say something like "ready to pop?" Or "you look miserable" or "WHEN are you due again??" 

24. If I could get a foot massage/pedicure every day I would. Having normal blood flow in my hands and feet is one of the things I look forward to the most 

25. The love for my daughter has been growing slow and steady. I know I will just burst when she is finally here 

26. I have never had a dream about my baby and I never got cool cravings 

27. I still haven't bought diapers, bottles or onesies 

28. I'm really really really really looking forward to having 12 weeks off work

29. One of the things that stresses me out the most is the recovery. But hey, I'm 24 so I should bounce right back...right?!?!!

30. I'm really happy that we live close to family and that she will have the chance
to get to know her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins 

31. There was a point I was waking up to pee 4-5 times a night. I was pretty angry at my bladder. Lucky for me it's gone back down to once a night 

32. Bart and I are so excited to have a baby, but I don't regret waiting 3 years. We have had the chance to enjoy each other and our relationship and we cherish the idea of a new addition

33. She is currently Breech so we might have to have a C-section. At first I felt like that would make me less of a mother. Then I got over it. Mommy guilt already?? Please no.

34. I didn't really follow the rules early on in pregnancy. I ate deli meat and slept on my tummy. Happy mommy = happy baby right?

35. It doesn't bother me when people rub my belly. I can't stop rubbing it!

36. She could be here as soon as 3 weeks if we end of having a C-section! I can't believe it and I'm so excited. She could come any day at this point and we would be ready. I love you baby girl!

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