Hey, it's OK

...to never look at the nutrition label on a bag of chips you just ate in one sitting

... to delete a voice mail at work when it says it's over 2 minutes long

...to hate the guy weaving in and out of traffic and secretly love it when you end up right next to him at the red light

... to avoid Pinterest after dinner because it makes you hungry all over again

... to stay away from a coworker when you know they are in a certain mood...no need to poke the bear

... to eat all of your snacks before you actually bust out lunch that requires reheating

... to act like you aren't included in that group text

... to be jealous that your husband gets to run a half marathon and at the same time be relieved that you aren't the one that has the 3am wake-up call

Hey, it's OK (prego edition)

... to wear the exact same pants 4 days in a row without washing them

... to binge watch TV after a long day at work

... to take off above-mentioned pants as soon as you get home and before you reach the couch for that binge watching sesh.

... to not tell random people what you plan on naming your baby. I don't really care what you think thankyouverymuch

... to wait until you have had all your baby showers until really buying anything

... to stop reading magazine articles about pregnancy when you don't feel like anything applies to you

... to check out #36weeks on instagram just to see how your baby bump compares to other mommies out there

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