10 Months- Photo OVERLOAD

10 months! I love writing monthly updates because it makes me pause for a few minutes and think about all the fun new things Mckenzie has been learning and experiencing lately.

9-10 months was 100% better than 8-9 months. Her 2nd front tooth finally popped through so we didn't really deal with teething this month. She did get sick for the first time in her young little life and it was the saddest thing ever! She had a high fever for a few days and then woke up one morning with nothing. She is such a healthy little thing it was weird to see her sick. I didn't know what to do and it was definitely a first time experience for both me and Bart.

our days were spent just holding her all day long while she slept on and off. she usually isn't very cuddly so it was fun to be able to snuggle with her

So other than the two days she was sick this girl hasn't stopped moving! She cruises all over the house. She pulls herself up on everything and just the last week has started trying to stand on her own. It usually doesn't take her very long to master new skills so I predict she'll be standing solo by the end of next week. She LOVES the fridge. Whenever we open it you hear her grunt excitedly and head straight for it. It's pretty funny and I usually leave it open and let her hang out for a minute. The dishwasher comes in at a close second. She loves playing with it when the door is down. She even learned how to climb on top of the lid- she just isn't able to get back down

she also likes to crawl into the dirt when she is wearing a new outfit. go figure

this was my first "it's too quiet" moment. I go into check on her and this is what I find

hanging out at Grandpa Larry's house and kind of stuck...

She started saying mama and dada and it just melts my heart every time. She LOVES Bart. She get so happy when he gets home and follows him around if he is doing something cool. The last two weeks we have been playing in the pool a lot and she really seems to like it. I have no doubt we will be living there this summer.

some of my favorite pics- Mckenzie watching dad install baby proofing items

she LOVES animals (doesn't get that from me)

she also loves food- but we knew that already

sleepy smiles!

her face says it all (or it might be saying "mom just gave me some licorice and it was prettygood")

She still sleeps great and takes two naps a day and 12 hours at night. She is SO ticklish and loves balls, food and being outside. She is such a goofy kid and we really do love being around her every day. I can't say enough good things about my baby girl- she completes our family.

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