Hi Baby, I love you

Hey there my sweet baby girl,

It's been a while since I've written anything to you. I really love to write, but I usually write when life is hard. When I'm sad or confused. When I'm depressed or feeling alone. When you first joined our family I had all of those emotions so I wrote non stop. It helped me clear my mind and feel a little more sane. None of those adjectives describe my life right now, so I haven't felt the need to write as much. I am so happy! Being your mom has changed my life and brought me more happiness and joy than anything I could ever imagine.

Watching you learn and grow right before my eyes has been amazing! You are learning new "tricks" every day and it's so fun to play around with you. You now know how to "come and get me" and chase me around the room with a grin and a squeal. You just learned how to wave "bye bye" and laugh and yelp at everything. I really could just be with you all day when you're in a good mood and never get bored.

Your personality is shining through more and more and you're such a goofball. You love people and new environments and attention. When you're mad you make sure we all know it and you're already starting to throw temper tantrums. I know you just get frustrated and overwhelmed sometimes, and they are pretty funny to watch.

Thank you for being such a sweet baby and my best buddy. I love spending every day with you and I'm excited to see where our life takes us. I love you Kenners.


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