May Goal: No Spend

Ya know how most people fail at their new years resolutions by like week three? Well I am failing at my monthly goals on the regular here peeps. But goals make us better right? even when we don't follow through?? that's what I keep telling myself.

For May I wanted to do another No Spend month. L to O-L with that one. Definitely didn't happen. *sigh* my baby needed jammies and I needed jeans and just call me Miss Justify.

Also- my June goal is to run the Utah Valley Half Marathon. That changed to then running The Bear Lake Half Marathon and now I'm putting off my next race until July. I am just feeling a little burned out and don't want to ruin my love of running by always being in training mode. So for the next few weeks I am just going to run because I love to run and not worry about my pace or distance.

Health is such a weird thing. Our bodies are amazing but damn they are temperamental aren't they?? I've been dealing with Hashimotos flare ups lately and it's been really frustrating. I know I will always have my autoimmune disease, but it doesn't always make it easier to handle when things go wrong. My Dr. says I need to focus more on keeping my blood sugar level and eating regularly. So now I'm focusing more on fueling my body and making sure I am eating more consistently.My relationship with food has changed so much these last two years and I am doing my best to keep it on a dont-obsess-about-it level, but it's hard! So for now I will just stick to baby steps and the step I'm taking these days is eating regularly.

So back to my monthly goals: I am 3 for 5 in success rate...so not too shabby right?

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