And then there were muffins

Mckenzie is starting to reject her bottle more and more and just wants normal food! This is all just peachy (see what I did there?) except I have NO idea what I'm supposed to feed her. Multiple meals. Like EVERY DAY. Whaaaaa????? Mind blown. This is going to be harder than I thought.

Until I realized she can eat stuff. Like...food I CANT. All of a sudden our menu of sweet potatoes and beans expands to include noodles, muffins, pancakes, EVERYTHING! How fabulous is that? I also need to remember that just because Bart and I don't see tomatoes as a food people actually enjoy eating- Mckenzie loves them! So mix some Italian tomatoes with noodles and BAM. Lunch is enjoyed for several several minutes. 

I whipped up a batch of blueberry oatmeal muffins because she can eat food like that! It's so funny how after two years of not eating gluten makes me forget what kind of food is out there. I am NOT anti gluten for people who aren't affected by it. So my daughter is going to have a muffin- and ten bucks says she loves it!

Motherhood is like being in school every day. I learn new things and concepts that never even occurred to me before. Feeding a little human is just a whole new experience and I'm officially in that stage. My love-to-learn personality really likes this part of being a mom. Figuring out and learning small (even dumb) things every day keeps things interesting.

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