The 7 Year Summer Itch

I realized the other day that this will be Bart and I's 7th summer together. SEVEN! That seems like a big number to me. We met the Summer of 2009, were engaged Summer 2010 and married Summer 2011. Bart had his first teacher summer in 2012 and I got my job. Summer 2013 was spent enjoying life. Summer 2014 I was super pregnant and here we are: Summer 2015. Crazy how much can happen over a 7 year time frame isn't it??

So here are a few (several) pics to take you down memory lane with me

Summer 2009
No photos. We had just met and he was still trying to win me over

Summer 2010
This summer was awesome. We were both students, but not taking any summer classes. Hanging out and enjoying Cache Valley. This was also the summer we got engaged (July 24) so we were pretty much inseparable

we took our first major road trip to Oregon together and learned we DID like each other enough to spend a week with no breaks

Summer 2011
This summer started off awesome because not only did Bart graduate from USU- but we got married! So we spent our honeymoon in San Diego and the rest of the summer was spent mostly indoors *cough cough*
this was technically Spring Break of 2011- but I couldn't resist sharing this cute pic
had to show this cute pic of Bart playing Uncle

on our honeymoon

Summer 2012
This was the year we started running so the summer was filled with some of our first races. We also took an amazing trip to Angel's Camp CA and San Fransisco. It's one of my favorite vacations we have taken

one of my all-time fav pics 

the race that started it all...
we also ate lots of fabulous food

and had LOTS of snowcones 

Summer 2013
This summer was filled with LOTS of running. We also went to Moab and Jackson Hole. This was the first summer I spent on my Hashimotos diet so I was secretly craving candy in every pic...

Moab hike

Jackson Hole: Typical Bart

our second Dirty Dash

Nebo Half!

Big Cottonwood Half

Summer 2014
I was 7-9 months pregnant and NOT interested in photos. We did start the summer off with my graduation from the University of Utah- so that was about the only photo op of the year

this pic right here sums up why I didn't take very many haha! yay for summer heat/bloating

Summer 2015
This summer has only just begun but I can't wait! Mckenzie is at such a fun stage right now we are already having a blast with her.

I hope you enjoyed a little blast from the past. I know I loved putting this together- it was so fun to look through old pics and remember all the fun we have had in the past 7 years. Summers look much different compared to our care-free college days- but I wouldn't trade them for anything.

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