What confuses me:
boys who wear coats with fur on the hood
girls who always go back to the boy who makes them cry
people who talk in the library....seriously??
registration and what classes I should be taking
why there is no cursor on this screen
What I miss
being able to sleep in
80's dancing with sarah
sarah in general...
my family
What makes me happy
knowing I only have a few more weeks of this semester
my new rain boots
having all my laundry done
soft skin
old jeans
What scares me
the dark
getting yelled at by a professor
the fact that I will be making dinner every night this week
(lets all pray I don't burn anything down or poison Bart)  
What bores me
my sociology class
the gym
 the library 
What makes me anxious
thinking about next year/semester
trying to finish this English paper...
thinking about starting my next Speech paper..
my last Media Smarts project

What I should be doing
researching Malcolm X
my english paper
not blogging
writing 493 other assignments 

What I did this weekend
turned 21!
got a massage
ate 23,000 calories a day
got pampered by Bart
took naps
got some bright pink rain boots
went to a movie
ate lots of cake
bought myself plenty of stuff
didn't even THINK about homework
spent time with my families
got cool stuff from Honduras/Mexico 

1 comment:

  1. i miss you too and I love reading your blog:) sounds like your b day was amazing! luv u
    sarah g



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