I hate vacuums

I woke up at 6:49 a.m. this morning for a few reasons...

1. My roommate decided she needed to vacuum her bedroom which just happens to be located right next to mine. vacuum...at 6:30 in the morning...what is wrong with some people?

Actually I think I know what happened...my roommates are disgusting (surprise surprise) so yesterday when Bart and I got home after school getting canceled we just started cleaning. It wasn't planned or anything but one second I was doing the dishes and he was vacuuming and the next I am elbow deep in goop cleaning out my nasty shower that I have been avoiding because I am stubborn about cleaning up after people. The end result? A completely scrubbed bathroom, a vacuumed house, a clean bedroom and a deep cleaned kitchen. 

So anyway, I think this is maybe why she felt like she needed to vacuum? Because the whole house is probably cleaner than she has ever seen it so as soon as she walked into the black hole that is her bedroom she realized it was a little out of place.

2. My leg started cramping up randomly. It has happened before and it is some of the worst pain. My whole leg will get this really dull but strong throbbing pain all over and I just have to sit and wait it out except I can't because it hurts too much so I got up and walked around and that is how I ended up here...blogging about my feelings.

3. I woke up cold... no big deal except combine that with my crazy vacuuming roommate and my leg it couldn't be ignored. I have been trying to keep the heater off as much as possible so we didn't have to pay $479 in utilities every month and it seems to be working but it is officially winter and I think the heater will have to start coming on at night.

Speaking of Winter...the crazy snow storm that everyone was talking about was so weird. I have lived in Utah all my life and never has school been canceled because of snow. Sure maybe recess was canceled but school didn't get out early or anything. Yesterday however, Bart tells me the high schools are getting out at 1:30 and then I get to my group meeting and I am told that USU is getting shut down at 2! It seriously blew my mind. I'll be honest I am glad I didn't have to be up at campus when that thing hit (it sucked, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was just another winter storm in my eyes). 

After a few hours Bart wanted a Pepsi, he said, "This is what an addict must feel like" referring to the fact that he was willing to go drive around this crazy snow storm just for a Pepsi. We went though, it was pretty non-eventful but then I realized this would be a perfect night to make sure I knew how to drive in the snow! (I have only had my car for one winter and last year it really didn't snow that much) So Bart and I piled in and our adventure began. 

We got to the first light and the guy in front of us just kept spinning his wheels and didn't go anywhere for the first 2 green lights. Finally, when it was clear this person had no idea how to drive in the snow, Bart got out and started pushing him. The only problem was this guy STILL didn't know how to drive so his wheels are spinning and Bart is pushing and eventually they end up facing the other road with oncoming traffic. The green light had switched at this point and there was a snow plow heading straight for them. Luckily drivers were paying attention or it could have gotten messy... Eventually the poor guy was able to drive off after Bart pushed him through the entire intersection. So here I was, officially nervous that I would be the next fool to get stuck, and my rescuer was across the street not able to help. Finally, after having about an 8 min. light, it turned green and I completely dominated. I didn't get stuck ONCE during our teaching lesson I was so proud. (Bart was starting to get frustrated by my driving though so we went home early, making sure I could handle everything in the morning.)

All in all it was a fun night. We made homemade hamburgers which always taste SO much better, and just hung out. I love winter! I realized I do need a new coat though, I have officially outgrown my one I have had since 9th grade...(is that a fat joke? I still haven't decided..) Luckily though Bart's mom gave me rain boots for my birthday so my feet were basically invincible. 

I am so excited for the next few days! I have to work this morning but once I am off around 3 we are heading down to see our families. I have to work Friday night too so it will kind of be a short visit. Compared to last year though when I didn't even get to eat Thanksgiving with my family I am pretty happy with my options this year.  I know I have already said this but I LOVE this time of year!

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