sneak peek

You know that feeling you get when you eat too much so you cant get comfortable? that is my current state so I will write instead of sleep. write instead of relax.

you may not know this about me, but i keep a journal and i write in it pretty often. i like to go back and look at where i was a year ago, so i did that tonight and the entry just makes me smile because i remember the night i wrote it and thinking back i honestly could never have guessed this is where everything would end up. it is a cute journal entry so i am going to write it on here, this is for all the girls who write about their current crush thinking that it probably wont turn into anything but i am here to tell you that one day it will.

November 17, 2009

Bart has been reading his stupid book for hours and I am so bored i even painted my nails. He is cute though so i guess i dont mind. im liking him more day by day and the crazy thing is that i love it! i dont feel scared or nervous for how things will turn out im just enjoying ever day with him. he is so good to me and treats me so well. ive never been with such a good down to earth person. ive never been so comfortable around anyone,especially a boy and here i am with no make up on and strait out of the shower! Im so lucky to have him in my life and being with him makes me happy. It makes me feel loved again, it reminds me that someone cares about me and is thinking of me. I love the little things about him like how he only smiles sometimes so when he does you know he means it. i love that he wears his stupid USU hat everyday and he looks so good in it. I love when he trims his beard short and that i notice. i love that out of the million people he knows he chose me. he makes me feel special on a daily basis and he has yet to do anything that would break my trust in him. He is an amazing person and im glad that i just went with it instead of pushing him away because i feel like we work well with each other.
Well there you go, a sneak peak into my personal journal, a flash back to how i was feeling one year ago. i love journals because of this reason, looking back and being able to remember certain events. I can still picture this night and me painting my nails and how seriously bored i was, i wrote this on my floor feeling sneaky because he had no idea what i was writing. 

Another reason why i love journals; you can read back on all the stuff you thought was so hard and realize now, a few years later, that it wasnt that big of a deal, so maybe the hard stuff you are going through now wont be that big of a deal when you look back on it in a few years. it is just comforting to know that yeah bad stuff happens and life is hard and life is stressful but life also changes. all the time. and for the most part, you can change it for the better, i know i have, my journals have proven that.

this is very much a rambling blog post but i just have to have them sometimes im sorry! I am still very full and very tired but those two just dont mix well for me so i have a feeling i will be up for a while...i guess i can just tell you about my day at work since that is always an entertaining topic...

well first i will talk about the cute little boy i cut hair for today because my sister said i need to put up positive work stories instead of just negative so here is one: I get little boys (and when i say little they usually range from 8-12) that are so sweet and polite and they totally remind me of my little brother. one particular kid sticks out to me because he was the youngest and you could tell he had a good relationship with his mom who was there and he was very sweet and polite and when he said he was 11 I just thought oh you are like my little brother...oh wait....he's 14 now.....weird. My baby brother will always be little in my eyes. Even though he is almost taller than me (almost being the key word) he will always be my sweet baby brother who milks all he can get out of being the youngest and a momma's boy.... :)

i did a lot of old men hair today too at work. old men can go either way, either they are funny and it is entertaining to do their hair or they are grouchy and i am terrified for my life...i had mostly grouchy ones today....i hate that. they smell and are mean and never tip....

 one last thing

I cant wait for Thanksgiving and the holidays!! Best time of the year. Hands down.


  1. I love that we both came home from watching a basketball game and felt the need to write blog posts :) I love my journal too. I actually went back and typed up everything I ever wrote about Chris from the first time I met him through our first year of marriage and made it into a book, he loved it and I'm pretty sure it's the only book he's read cover to cover :)



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