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McDonalds-Summer 2005
Logan's Pizza Hut- 2008
Wendy's- May 2010
Texas Roadhouse- December 2010
The Kater Shop- April 2011

and now...

David's Bridal

Let me explain something that I assumed everyone who worked in the bridal industry understood. If your clients are brides, your service better be amazing. You should be going above and beyond your job description to help make the lives of these brides easier. Brides do not have the time, patience or energy to deal with bad customer service.

Example A.

I purchase my dress at David's bridal (I love it by the way- the dress, obviously not the store because lets be honest, when do I blog about something I love?) the girls helping me that day were really nice so I felt good about it overall. The trouble began when they had to create the jacket to go over my shoulders. The lady takes my measurements and finally after 3 different drives down to Layton, it fit. Apparently it didn't matter to them that I was driving an hour for a 5 minute fitting every other week because they kept messing up. Yes I was annoyed, but I am usually a very nice customer and just deal with things like that because I like to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I am no longer going to be the nice customer that just puts up with your shit

I take my dress home a few weeks ago right after my last fitting. I take it off, and the put it right in the bag and send me on my way. I go take my bridal pictures and do all of that fun stuff. The bottom of my dress gets a little dirty-typical. On my way home Friday night, I called David's Bridal and asked them if they do a complimentary spot clean. They said they did one spot clean and steam and said yes, I could bring it in, it will be done in a week. Cool, great, perfect.

Not cool, great or perfect.

My mother calls me today (because I had her drop it off for me) and informed me that they wouldn't accept my dress. Apparently, the one time free complimentary spot clean and steam comes BEFORE they give it to me.

I obviously have a few issues with this stupid stupid rule.

1. Why in the hell would I need and or want my dress cleaned before I have even taken it out of the store? What are you doing with my dress that would make it so it needed to be cleaned? I am assuming this dress has been hung up in some room in the nice little cover since I bought it months ago. This is the dumbest policy I have ever heard.

2. You seriously won't take it back after I have worn it outside the store to clean it for me? WHY?!!? I just want the damn thing clean for my wedding day but since I have already worn it you guys won't touch it? How does that make sense to anyone? WHY WOULD I NEED IT CLEANED IF I HAVEN'T WORN IT YET?!?!? Correct answer? I wouldn't, which makes you a dumb ass.

3. I know for a fact my dress wasn't steamed before they gave it to me because they put it right in the bag when I took it off! Yes, it was wrinkled and no, I wasn't going to say anything because I just planned on bringing it back to get cleaned anyway!!

4. I specifically called the store to ask if I could bring it in. The chick said yes, I could bring it BACK in, AFTER I had worn it to get a complementary SPOT CLEAN. Who was behind the counter because apparently she didn't know the rules. She said it would take about a week to be finished which makes me belive that this isn't the first time you have needed to steam your dresses. I probably wouldn't be so upset if the girl had told me over the phone that they wouldn't take it back.

Once again, why why why why why would I need my dress cleaned before I take it out of the store? Who does that make sense to? Have any of you people been married before? Do you understand that dresses are sometimes worn before the wedding day and need to be cleaned before they can be worn again? I would like to belive my dress wasn't dirty enough in your store for you to clean it-but apparently I am crazy.

I hate you David's Bridal.

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