C: cereal


Cherrios to be more specific

really are part of a complete balanced breakfast.

I am in a much better mood today, it wasn't all down hill from here since Wednesday, more like steadily getting better, so I expect tomorrow to be a lovely day.

  • I love that I can see the blue sky this morning
  • I love that I woke up to sunshine instead of rain
  • I love that I was able to wake up bright and early and not feel tired
  • I love that my mouth guard actually stayed in the entire night so my jaw doesn't hurt
  • I love that it is FRIDAY
  • I love Cheerios with bananas
  • I love that my contacts went in without a fight this morning
  • I love that most people aren't going to read this post because you guys only like it when I vent
  • I love that I have been able to stay off Facebook all week, and that it got easier every day 
  • I love today.

you're welcome for the positivity.

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