T: Twins

So believe it or not another stupid mother came in with her kids today to get their hair cut and she let us know right away they are twins

"I don't know if you can tell
(we could) but they're twins." Cool lady. Now shut up

This mother decided that she didn't want her twin boys to look like twins anymore. She said they were going to a reunion and she "wanted people to realize there are two of them" Duh lady, I am sure your family realizes there are two kids and if they don't, then they don't sound like great family members anyway.

So one of them gets on my chair and starts touching stuff and I am in no mood for that so I wasn't very nice...and his mom kind of glared at me but whatever, if your child is going to touch my stuff then I have the right to tell him to keep is dirty little hands to himself. I asked him to sit down to see if he was tall enough without a booster seat and the mom yells out that he is (thank you peanut gallery, but I can take it from here) turns out he ISN'T tall enough so he got the seat.

Anyway, she wants their hair cut differently so they look different (even though they are identical) but she also wants them both to have short hair. News flash lady, every. single. short. hair. cut. looks. EXACTLY. THE. SAME. your children will not be the exception. How does she rectify this? By making us carve their freaking initials into the side of their head.

She asked me if I was good with designs and I just told her straight up that no, I am not good with designs so I am not promising anything. Luckily she only wanted the letter T which I can kind of do because it doesn't require any kind of curved edges. She then proceeds to tell us that she wants it on their left side because "they are mirror image twins and they each have a dominate side" whatever the hell THAT means. And keep in mind that she is repeating the EXACT same things to both of us even though we are 2 feet away.

So as I am carving this hideous T in the back of his head she comes over laughing saying I must think she is so silly for doing this......no comment. Ya know how people say stuff like that hoping you will say "oh no, it's fine" well I don't really humor them much anymore. Yes lady, you are weird. I am sorry that God blessed you with twins but maybe instead of trying to make them look different by giving them "different" hair cuts that look exactly the same you should try something else. I would be happy to break his arm for you since he is touching all of my stuff, I think a bright cast on his hand would help distinguish between the two.

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  1. Oh Megan! You had me laughing out loud. Thanks for the wonderfully written play by play. I felt like I was right there with you.



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