Attempting to be domestic

So Bart and I went to bed at 10 last night which might sound really early to most, but pretty typical for us. The only difference, at least for me, was that I wasn't very tired. I was still able to fall asleep of course, but woke up wide awake at 5 this morning.

I haven't done this for a while so it didn't really bother me that bad, I was starving so I ate some cereal and read a book. It was one of those mornings though that I could have totally made some awesome wife points by making breakfast and all that for Bart when he got up. (He wakes up at 6 and has to be to work by 7).  That's right ladies and gentlemen, I was willing to be all domesticated and wife-like.

The only problem with this master plan? Bart doesn't like breakfast, he doesn't like to have a full meal in the morning which is the exact opposite to me. I could have eggs and hash browns and fruit and toast and cereal and be very happy. He would rather just have some cereal.

So I was not able to make a big yummy breakfast because that just isn't what he likes. I was however able to make him a sack lunch to take to work...so I guess that counts a little bit.

I really like waking up early, as long as I don't feel tired. I like the peacefulness of it all, it is very relaxing, and makes for a good start to the day. I haven't slept in past 7:30 all summer, but I haven't really minded, it adds a few extra hours to my day that I can spend however I like.

I am very ready at this point to move out of Logan, not that I am hating Logan, because I am not, I am just ready for this change to actually happen, and start transitioning into everything new that will be going on. We have 21 days left and I am hoping it will go by quickly. We are slowly starting to re-pack everything (much more efficient this time) and it will just be nice to get all settled into a place where I can actually decorate and make it feel like home.

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