No Kids Allowed



This place was incredible. It was amazing to see the human body with the skin off. The body is such an intricate masterpiece and this exhibition showed it off perfectly.

On another note, I was put into nursery today at church to fill in for someone. I thought I was going to die. I stood around for the first half hour feeling so awkward. (Do I talk to them? Do they even understand what I am saying? I really don't like children... )

I gagged when I had to wipe this kid's nose. I could feel the snot through the tissue and it was kind of crunchy....sick

I no longer want to name a future daughter Brooklyn

Snack time is apparently only for the kids even though I wanted pretzels too.

It was pretty fun to watch one little boy pick on this other whiny annoying little girl who screamed bloody murder when he took her doll. I always seem to side with the bully, since they are usually picking on kids who need to get their butts kicked anyway.

Moral of the story: Megan Bowen should NOT be in nursery.....or have children anytime in the near future.

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