Sluff: To waste time / goof off

This morning I had spinning class...but I didn't go. Bart has had to wake up at 4:15 this week for basketball practice and it kind of wakes me up too so I don't get the best sleep for the next few hours and this morning I was just not going to get up. I have to stay late to work on a group project (yay) which means tonight will suck in a few ways:: 1. I have to work on a group project (need I say more?) B. I will be missing Grey's Anatomy. 3. I will have to take the Trax home later than usual (when all the weirdos come out and play).  

It's also freezing today and on Tuesday when I was up on campus I wasn't able to warm up all day. I need to come up with a better system. This is also the part of the semester when I really just don't want to go to class. It happens every year, even up at Utah State, and I need to try really hard to not succumb to the temptation! This is also the part of the semester when I have tons to do. Professors seem to plan out when they are going to hand out all the assignments because I swear I get them all at once. Ah the joys of being a college student. Just ONE MORE YEAR and I will find something else to blog about :)

Also, I LOVE this song. The video is bad quality but I love love love this song, and it seems appropriate for the weather outside!

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