Swimming or Drowning?

So I went swimming this morning with my trainer, it wasn't a technical session but we had mentioned it earlier and she wanted/was willing to teach me so at 6 a.m. I dragged myself down to the gym.

Good things:
The water wasn't freezing but it still woke me up right away
It was a fun way to switch up my exercise
My knees have been hurting a little lately so the pool was a nice break
I never felt sweaty
Even though I was out of breath pretty much the whole time, my muscles never really felt tired**

Bad things:
It basically felt like I was drowning the entire time. I can't swim the technical way with my head in the water only coming up for air every few strokes. Every time I came up for air I took in a mouth full of water and then who knows what was happening when I was trying to exhale under the water.  I kept gasping for air pretty sure I was going to die right in that pool. 

I am determined to get better at this swimming thing. I think I prefer it more than the Spinning class I have been going to so I think I will get in the water more often. Hopefully I will get to the point where I don't look like a drowning cat in the water

**Now that I am out of the pool my muscles are totally tired. My abs apparently did a lot of work this morning....and the hiccups aren't helping any.

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