Blank mind = Blank blog

Once upon a time my blog was cool. Lots of people read it and I had lots of funny things to say. And then I moved to Salt Lake and apparently became less cool and funny and without friends because my blog sucks and I never really have anything to say. So fellow blog stalkers, for this, I apologize.

One happy thing is that I was able to take a 40 minute nap today with no dogs barking, ducks quacking or phones ringing. It was glorious.

Last weekend was so much fun, and very very cold but the Aggies WON and we get to go to a bowl game in December. ROAD TRIP (okay, so it's okay to Boise so it's not much of a road trip but I am working with what I got here)

Also, we set up our Christmas tree and decorations on Friday so we are all festive and stuff. Too bad I have no good camera to take a decent photo, and that apparent hole in our tree just needed a few more lights. The season is off to a fabulous start.

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