Day 94

94 Days into my Hashimotos treatment and here's an update

I have finally stopped losing weight. Grand total? 20 pounds! I also found some measurements from last November (before I reached my peak of heavy weight) and compared it to today's measurements. I've lost 5 1/2 inches off my waist and more than 5 inches off my legs. (plus inches off my hips, arms and chest). It's pretty cool to see the numbers side by side.

I am officially training for a 10K (and beyond) and I'm feeling great. I am able to see the improvements in my running and for once my body isn't holding me back

We have finished treating all of my gastrointestinal problems and we're on to the adrenal glands! The goal is to get them to start functioning at a normal rate and get my energy level back to where it should be.

My skin is still clear and beautiful. I don't feel the need to wear lots of makeup and I spent this weekend wearing none at all! Even my hated acne scars are fading. YAY!

He added potatoes back into my diet. I tried them and all seems to be fine, but I'm not really planning on eating them very often. Potatoes weren't something I missed very much.

Speaking of add-on's...here is a list of the things that have been added on to my diet since I started.

lean beef
shell fish
brown rice
Greek yogurt (plain)
corn (kernels...not chips or oil or any of the good stuff) 

I have been a little less strict when it comes to what I eat...for the first 10  weeks I was extremely strict and didn't have anything that might have something I couldn't have. Now, if it generally fits the bill I'll have a bite. Not a good habit to get into I know, but some days I just need SOMETHING with flavor.  At the end of 6 months I will be able to have a lot of the foods I want now, I just need to be patient. 

Like I mentioned before, Bart is somewhat doing this diet with me (he added whole grains and dairy to his diet after a week of following mine). So we have been cooking dinner together and coming up with some great dinner ideas. It's all about variety!

Sometimes I wonder if all the worrying/obsessing about what I'm eating is worth it. Some days the answer is no, but most days the answer is yes.

last but not least, sometimes a bubble bath makes everything better.

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