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Bart and I this past weekend in the 103 degree heat
Happy July everyone! It's smokin' hot and straight up Summer outside. I love coming home from work and relaxing in the pool for an hour. A little R&R goes a long way.

I have been kind of MIA in the blogging world. my bad! I haven't had tons to say, and I have had less time to say it! Things at work have been crazy busy and when I am home I just want to spend that time with Bart. Since he's home for the summer he needs a little lovin' when his sugar momma gets home :) I only have time now because he went to the store for some avocados so he can make a little guacamole.

Bart decided to join me in my quest of health (aka forced diet) last week. He's been struggling but he's doing a great job. This is the longest he has ever gone without Pepsi so that right there is a huge accomplishment. It's been fun to have him diet with me because he actually likes to cook so we have been trying a few new recipes that are Doctor approved! I told him he should have started this with me months ago and I don't think I would have been so hungry!

Grocery shopping is quite the interesting experience for me. It amazes me how many things I CAN'T have because I eat 100% fresh/non-processed foods. Basically the produce isle is my best friend!

Here are a few pictures of what a typical grocery store trip looks like.

Basically the things I buy on a weekly basis (assuming they are in season)
Sweet Potatoes
Spaghetti Squash
Yellow Squash
Green Beans
Red, Green and Yellow Peppers
Romaine Lettuce 
Almond Milk

I add to this list when we have new recipes to try, or when I run out of staples in my pantry like black beans and almond butter.

We tried out the local farmer's market last weekend and picked up a few things. There wasn't a ton of options, but it was fun to buy fresh local food and know you are supporting local growers!

Bottom line? If you are trying to incorporate this diet into your lifestyle plan on taking a few trips to the grocery store each week. I try to make sure to pick everything up, but things run out and you don't want to buy too much at once or it will go bad. I like to plan out our weekly menu and then go shopping. Also, don't forget about leftovers! I don't plan specific lunch ideas because I know we can just have left overs from the past couple nights. It adds a little variety into your day. I will do a future post on a few of my favorite go-to snacks and quick meals.

Last piece of advice. Experiment! As I have mentioned before...not all recipes work, but it's still worth a shot! This week we made Cabbage Wraps and those puppies just had ZERO flavor. Not only that, they were a pain to make. Definitely not attempting that one again. A new favorite of mine is a mushroom/onion mixture on top of Spaghetti squash! Courtesy of my mother, it is delish! ( I will have to post recipes later...)

~ live happy, be healthy~

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