Fall 2009. SOC 3010- Social Inequality. Grade: B

I remember this class, but I don't remember anything I learned. Make sense? I remember a lot of (hot) football players had this class but beyond that nothing else comes to mind. I wish I had more to write!

Spring 2010. POLS 1100- US Government & Politics. Grade: C+

This was one of the classes in the semester I mentioned last time...the one where I was taking too many classes that depended on the scan-tron test! I suck at scan-trons. I remember I had this class with a friend who never came and never studied, but he did better than me on every test. awesome. I don't remember much about this class either. I wanted to see if I was interested in politics and it turned out that I was most definitely NOT interested in politics.

Fall 2010. SPCH 2110- Interpersonal Communication. Grade: B+

Interpersonal communication class is all about how to talk about your feelings and develop healthy relationships blah blah blah. I've never been an awesome communicator so I guess that made me the perfect student. It was one of those classes where you put the desks in a circle and are expected to participate in the discussions. It was a lot like a therapy session with everyone chatting out their feelings. Totally my kind of thing.

For our final project we had to pick a relationship that we wanted to improve our communication and document our findings. I chose Bart. We were recently engaged and he had a problem with the way I communicated ( aka I DIDN'T communicate and he hated it). It was actually pretty beneficial. I learned that I was a bad listener and tuned him out a lot. I realized I needed to listen to him all the time, not just when I thought it was important. I still sometimes struggle with this, but I have definitely gotten better.

The main thing I remember is this professor said hardly anyone got an A in her class. This of course made me want to get an A ( I didn't...). The same day she said that was the same day we talked about self fulfilling prophesy: you tell someone something and it's more likely to happen. I found it ironic that she made sure everyone knew they would most likely NOT get an A...thanks for that! In the end she was one of my favorite professors even though she didn't like me very much.

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