The Boys Who Made Me Cry

I was driving home from Math tonight and was having an emotional break down. I was crying because that dang math test was freakin' hard and I hate sitting there staring at my work for 45 minutes not knowing what to do different. So I did what most girls would do- cranked up Taylor Swift and cried on my way home. A T-Swift song came up that reminded me of this boy I liked back in Logan (pre-Bart). I cried over this particular boy.

This reminded me that I have only cried over 5 boys....which brings me to this post. (A girl's brain is pure logic people...especially when she's PMSing and sleep deprived).

Boy #1- Corbin (now married + kids)
We "dated" in 8th grade. It consisted of him meeting me at my locker and writing notes back and forth. I remember we kissed and it was a HUGE scandal. I also remember calling him one day in my friend Kiley's room and dumped him. Then proceeded to bawl my eyes out. Kiley was confused because why was I crying if I didn't like him? Who knows...and Avril Lavigne songs made me feel better.

Boy #2- Derek (now married)
Oh Derek. My first "real" boyfriend. 9th-10th(ish) grade. We were either making out or fighting. It was a really healthy relationship...that lasted more than a year. After our dramatic breakup I was an emotional wreck. Cue the journal entries of "I'm never going to be happy again. I'll never forget him...I love him blah blah blah...how can anyone make me happy...this SONG is story of my life...(Don't worry, I found someone just a few short months later)"...I mean come on guys, I'm laughing just typing about it. Sadly I have the journal entries to prove I'm not making this stuff up. I would consider Derek my first "puppy love" experience. I truly believe 15 year olds can love someone. It's just a different stage of love.

Boy #3- Caleb (now a baby daddy)
This one pulls at the heart strings a little bit. It's crazy to think the good part of this relationship only lasted 9 months. 9 months of dating and years of crying. Seriously. This was NOT a clean break. It was one of those I love you....we're so happy....you did what? I hate you.....never talk to you again....delete number.......remember your number....text you....I LOVE YOU TOO! Honestly the most unhealthy relationship I can imagine. Any of my friends in high school AND hair school know about this one. "Apologize"  was a popular ring tone for his texts. (Don't act like I'm the only one who did this....) I moved to Logan in an attempt to leave this pesky heart-breaker behind.

Boy #4- Brandon (now married)
This one surprised me. It was during the phase of not being with Caleb but I hadn't moved away yet. I dated A LOT of boys during this phase. Brandon was the golden child. Nothing like any other boys I dated. He was the boy your mom wanted to see you go out with. So we did....and he didn't really have the guts to do much about it...but I was enjoying myself. Then I find out he has a freakin' girlfriend! What a dirt-bag (which is funny, because if you knew Brandon you would know he was anything BUT a dirt-bag). I still remember finding this out and crying on my bed. *Cue music* I quickly turned his ring-tone to "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne  (Hey hey you you I don't like your girlfriend...etc) and smiled at him in the halls like he never had an effect on me. Silly boys..you always some kind of effect on us! This was the first time I had cried over a boy I didn't "love". I wasn't his girlfriend, but I totally felt played when I found out he had one behind my back (or so it felt at the time).

Boy #5- Dane (now married)
This was a Logan, UT boy. This was the boy that inspired this blog post! Taylor Swift, "Cold as You". I totally liked this guy. Why? Who the heck knows. looking back I can't explain it. Did we ever have a full conversation? No. Was he weird? Yes. I remember cuddling on the couch for hours "sleeping" (even though I never slept because hello...what if I drooled???). I totally thought that cuddle sesh meant something...until I found out that he got himself a girlfriend. I swear, I turn my back for ONE SECOND and these boys just get a different chick. WTF?? Most would later tell me it's because I never seemed like I wanted to commit. I didn't. but that doesn't mean I wanted YOU to commit to someone else. duh. He also happened to be besties with my CRAZY roommate so that didn't help things either....

You're probably wondering where my lovely husband makes the list. Well ladies and gentlemen...he doesn't! Number one reason being that he hasn't gotten himself a new girlfriend and we're still happily together. I'm not saying I've never cried over Bart, but I can honestly say Bart has never made me cry like this other douche bags. Thanks honey. xoxo

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  1. Hahaha! I am cracking up! Sometimes I feel like crying because you left us up here. :)



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