26 down, 14 to go

14 weeks. 99 days to go. As Bart puts it "pregnancy is sooooo looooong!" (Read in man-whine voice) 

As this point I would argue with that saying time is just flying by! Of course ask me in 70 days and I'm sure I will have my own whiny voice to add to his. 

My non maternity shirts are too small but I'm in denial trying to wear them anyway. I embraced my maternity jeans weeks ago but I still have a hard time adjusting to this growing belly. I like it though, and I'm not ashamed to show it off. (but if you ask me if I'm having twins I'll punch you).

I have been very good the last 6 weeks ago doing Prenatal Pilates 5+ days of the week and walking when the weather is nice. I have hung up my running shoes for now. I haven't completely said no to sugar, but I'm no longer 'cheating' on gluten and yes, I'm eating plenty of vegetables! My appetite has died down significantly and I don't have any major cravings. I do like crushed ice though. Lots of crushed ice. OK, so maybe my craving right now is crushed ice....yep.

We still haven't bought anything for this little one yet. Haven't decorated the nursery or stocked up on baby essentials. I don't know when the desire to buy things will kick in...but I'm still waiting.

Sleeping is an adventure and my dreams are totally cray cray. I still don't like my body pillow! I'm sorry...Bart reminds me of that $75 mistake on a regular basis. For now, I just prefer using him as a body pillow.

I feel her more and more each day and I absolutely love it. Bart made sugarfree banana bread the other day and after 2 slices this chick was going crazy! Weird because it didn't have any sugar (just bananas and vanilla) but she was bouncing off the walls.

At the moment I don't mind being pregnant...maybe I even enjoy it most of the time? I just can't wait to meet this sweet little girl.

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