Summer Lovin'

Yesterday I got a little sneak peek of what I am in for this summer and let me tell you...I'm a bit scared!
I was so freakin hot and uncomfortable the entire day. My jeans were too tight, my shirt was too tight, my feet hurt and I was having a constant heat flash all day. My hips were sore and my skin was itchy. My bump is getting in the way now and I couldn't even tie my shoes. I was just not feelin' it. I wanted to punch a small child and hang out in my house butt naked sitting in front of a fan.

 It was 75 degrees. 

I might not make it through a Utah summer.

Poor Bart might not make it either! He was teasing me as we were getting ready for bed (which we do on a regular basis. Not mean, just fun and loving) but I ended up bursting into tears and bawling for a solid 30 minutes. This is the 3rd or 4th complete emotional breakdown I have had and it's kind of wonderful. I sleep perfectly afterwards and wake up the next morning feeling a little lighter. Those tears just release all the stress that has been building up and every few weeks it's filled to capacity. Bart just stares and grabs me tissues and water. It's pretty funny AFTER it happens.

Bart is a trooper and hopefully he still loves me in July.

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  1. haha, oh girl.. I know the feeling!! I remember sweating up a storm when it was barely 70 and thinking I was going to die of heat stroke. Also, while I had my share of emotional breakdowns during pregnancy, the 2 weeks after baby came out I cried twice as much! Maybe it won't happen to you... but be prepared ;)



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