Hi Baby: 28 weeks

Hey Baby,

I woke up to you having a little dance party in my belly this morning. It was right before the alarms went off and I was adjusting (again). I turned onto my back for a minute (because I love lying on my back but apparently that's against the rules) and you just started going crazy. You were moving and kicking and adjusting for 10 minutes straight and I loved every minute of it. I grabbed daddy's hand and he felt you moving too saying "that's my baby". I miss feeling you move when you have a quiet day, feeling you in there is so comforting.

Daddy set up your crib tonight! I am so excited. I am hoping this crib will inspire me to get your room ready. We still haven't bought a single thing, can you believe it? Your mom is a recovering shopaholic so I usually avoid going into places other than grocery stores :) I think it's time I start making my way to the baby section....

I can't wait to meet you and see your sweet face! We have 11 weeks to go and I will be counting them down. 

I love you little one. Stay strong and keep growing 


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