Reading List: The Time Keeper, The Last Lecture, Reconstructing Ameila

Just to get all caught up, here are a few more books I have read that you might want to add to your summer reading list!

The Time Keeper- Mich Albom

As soon as I got done reading "The 5 People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch I started looking for more of his books. Once I find an author I like I usually read all their stuff (cough cough Jodi Picoult cough cough). This was another quick read for me. The man who invents time (back in the time of the tower of babel) is cursed and left immortal until he helps two people in present day accept their life with the time they have. Moral of the story? Man has taken the concept of time and has turned it into an obsession. It's not laid out in a typical story format, but I liked reading something different from what my brain was use to. I think Mitch is a brilliant author and his stories leave you thinking.

The Last Lecture- Randy Pausch
After telling my mom how much I enjoyed The Time Keeper she loaned me this book. It really doesn't have anything in common except that I enjoyed this book just as much (if not more) than the other! The premise is kind of sad: Randy has been given a few months to live after his cancer returns. He has three small children he will be leaving behind and he wanted to leave words of wisdom and life lessons for his kids since they probably won't remember him. The book is filled with great little stories of his life and career and the lessons he learned along the way. It's like a self help book for people who hate self help books! It's not pushy or preachy, he just makes a few really good points. I teared up/cried at a few parts when he talks about his wife and leaving her behind (thinking of Bart dying gets me crying every.single.time). Since I read this book pregnant, I thought about my daughter through the whole thing and what life lessons I would want to pass on to her. This is a great book to read at night to unwind and leave you feeling like tomorrow will be a better day.

Reconstructing Amelia- Kimberly McCreight
This book reminded me of a Jodi Picoult book but maybe not as buttoned up. Jodi Picoult has the ability to hold me on until the very last page. With this book I was more interested in the first half. It's about a high school girl who appears to have committed suicide but as her mom looks closer into her death, secrets come out that maybe lead to other conclusions. It's the dark and twisted world of a teenage girl and it struck a cord with me since in 13 years I will have a teenage girl myself...It's like Mean Girls meets Gossip Girl plus something else all together. Reading this made me wonder how I can teach my own daughter to not get caught up in the crap that peer pressure brings! Anyway, off my soap box....it was an entertaining story idea but there is a twist I wasn't a fan of.

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