Reading List: The Guardian, Paper Towns, Heaven is for Real

If you know me you know I love to read. Bart binge watches TV series on Netflix; I binge read books. If I really love a book I will have it read within a day or two. Sometimes it takes less than 24 hours. One of my goals for 25 Before 25 was to read 12 new books this year. Halfway through and I have read 7 (ish...I feel like I'm missing one on my list but whateves).

Instead of going through all 12 books at the end of the year I just want to review them as I read them. I have a bit to catch up on buuuut....here's the first few reviews in no particular order:

The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
OK OK I know what some of you are thinking. Nicholas Sparks? Really Meg? To be honest this was the first book I read of his, my mother in law left it over and I was in between books and had it finished within a few days. It was an easy read and it had a pretty sweet story. It was around the time we adopted Aggie and this book is all about a woman and her guardian angel aka pet dog. The love story was meh. There's a crazy stalker guy thrown into the mix. There were a few plot twists and in the end I finished it feeling entertained.

Paper Towns- John Green
Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard about "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. My bookie (kinda like foodie but for books...get it?) friend Chelsey mailed that book to me at least a year and a half ago and I fell in love with it. I always like to binge read books from the same author so I picked up Paper Towns. To be honest I didn't like this one very much. I thought the first chapter was the most entertaining and after that I was bored. It's about a typical boy in love with a mysterious and bad ass girl...who goes missing. The search for the girl just took waaaay too much time and my interest was lost.

Heaven is for Real- Todd Burpo
We were giving away movie tickets to see "Heaven is for Real" on the show one week and everyone brought up the book. I hadn't even heard of it before, but our sweet receptionist loaned me her copy for the weekend. I think I had this read within 12 hours. Totally fascinating and I would recommend it to anyone! It's about a little boy who has a near death experience, and after it's all said and done he starts talking about his experience with Jesus up in heaven. His dad is a preacher and draws parallels with stories from his son to stories in the Bible. I think of myself as a spiritual person, and I absolutely believe Christ and Heavenly Father love their little children enough to be with them during hard times (aka life threatening health problems). To hear this little guy's story made me think long after I finished the short book. It's an easy read but it will have you thinking of your own perceptions of heaven and the afterlife. I didn't feel like any of the doctrine I believe in was questioned, but it was one of those books that left me thinking.

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