Hi baby: 39 weeks

Hi Baby,

I can't believe I will see your sweet face in less than 4 days! These last few days have been hard; I haven't been feeling very well and I thought I was going into labor on Friday but JUST KIDDING! It was just 6 hours of false labor. Good times. Your daddy and I are ready for you and we talk about you all the time. As I sit here and rub my belly, feeling you move, it makes me a little sad to think soon you won't always be with me. I have bonded to you and I see why pregnancy feels so long. Once you're here I'm not going to want you out of my sight!

On the other side of things, I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore! I seriously feel like this body is not my own and I can't even remember what it feels like to have a core and be able to do things like sit up in bed or get off the couch without a little help. I'm so excited to be able to feel my fingers again and not have swelling in my feet. I think I still have a wardrobe in that closet of mine, but I'm not really sure because I wear the same 5 things and don't even care anymore.

I have read a lot of different things from a lt of new moms and I am interested to see what my experience is going to be like. I know my personality is really going to come through once you are here, and I just wonder if that's a good or bad thing. 

One of the biggest things I am excited for is to see my husband become your daddy. He is already so sweet to you and talks about you all the time. He treats me like a queen and I have no doubt you will be his little princess. I hope you stay close to him and be "his favorite" just like me and my dad. There is something special about the daddy-daughter relationship and I'm so happy that you get a man like Bart as your dad.

Your sheets are washed, your bag is packed and there are diapers in the drawer. We are just waiting to meet you little one. See you soon


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