Mastering Motherhood

Picking up baby girl out of her crib with one hand while pumping (because this chick can tell when mom gets all hooked up and becomes pretty much useless) and NOT dropping her (hands free pumping bra in the works) 

I think just "not dropping her" in general deserves a shout out

Made dinner and had it ready by the time Bart got home (yay soups!) 

Pointed out Macs' little body parts to her during tummy time (finding things to say to a newborn is hard) 

Holding her a few extra minutes as she falls asleep because she grins non-stop (no, it's not gas and yes, I'm creating "bad habits" #sorrynotsorry) 

Not crying out of sheer happiness when she slept for 5 hours AT NIGHT (I know her sleeping is directly related to how good of a mother I am, so apparently I rocked it today) 

Dressing her chubby legs in jeggings. It's the only time chubby legs in jeggings is OK 

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