Hi baby: Grandmas

Hi my darling baby,

Yesterday we got to see two of your grandmas and one of your great-grandmas. Nana has been helping us all week and totally loving on you. Grandma Reney has been waiting for a girl to join the Bowen family for so long! And your great-grandma Bainum fell in love with you at first sight. 

At the end of the day I was overwhelmed by how much family we have and how much they all love you! But I was specifically thinking of all the amazing women in your life. You still have one grandma and two great-grandmas to meet and I know they will cherish you as much as the others. 

I have been so blessed to have these women in my life and I'm so happy you get to live under their love and influence. I am the woman and mom that I am today in large part because of the amazing mom I was given. When I married your daddy I was blessed with even more great women to look up to! 

Womanhood is hard (I think living in general is just hard) but having good examples in your life makes it a little easier. I hope you look up to the women in your life and learn from them and feel their love. I hope you see their Christ-like behavior and their hard working, independent attitudes. They are all beautiful, intelligent, righteous women and you and I are both so blessed to have them above us in our family tree. 

Grandma Bainum and McKenzie

Nana and McKenzie

I love you sweet girl, and I'm excited to see you grow and get to know your grandmas 


P.s. You have some pretty great aunts, cousins and men in your life too. That's another post for another day! 

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