Distance: 1 mile Time: 16:21

I haven't been running for 4 months. I haven't been running regularly for 8 months. 2 months before I got pregnant I ran my first half marathon. I still consider myself a runner and getting my sneakers back on and hitting the pavement is something I have been looking forward to for a really long time.

3 weeks postpartum and I ran my first mile! I have been out walking with McKenzie every day for the last week and a half and have felt great. Abdominal surgery can't keep me down! I have been really blessed with a great recovery and have been itching to get back into an exercise routine. It's no secret that I didn't exercise when I was pregnant. I hated exercise and pretty much gave it the middle finger. Since this pink squishy thing made her arrival I am back to craving that sweaty, out-of-breath feeling.

Today we headed out for a walk. I wasn't really planning on running. We were almost done with our first mile walk when I decided to do the "walk 1 minute, run 1 minute" and see how I felt. I did about 4 of those before the first mile ended.

Then I decided to run the second mile.

At first I was just going to see if I could make it 5 minutes....then it was to the end of the block...then it was to the top of the hill....then it was the end of the mile. It took me 16:21 to finish. But I finished. My boobs needed more support and my knee was a little sore, but we did it! I was talking to my sleeping baby by the end of it, giving myself a pep talk.

It felt so great to get back out there and realize my body isn't as different as it sometimes feels. I now have something to look forward to and new goals to set. Macs loves her little seat and we enjoy our time outside.

Now that my swollen cankles are gone and I fit back into my shoes, I will be enjoying my 16 minute pace and the beautiful sunshine!

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