Motherhood: Rated R

If new motherhood was made into a movie it would be the most vanilla Rated R movie of all time. Why an R rating? Because you would be seeing boobs 80% of the time.

The rest of the film would feature the same three songs new mommy knows, mixed with an array of cute baby noises and plenty of diaper changes. You would be entertained by mommy's attempt at doing things one handed and you would probably fall asleep because the sheer exhaustion on her face would be contagious. 

The dialog would be pretty much non exsistant as new mommy figures out what the heck she is supposed to say to this pink squishy thing in her arms and the soundtrack would be courtesy the "Heavenly Lullabys" station on Pandora (babies like classical music right??) 

And after an exciting round of feed, burp, poop and play you will catch a glimps at that angel baby's face and watch it all over again 

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